The State of Sound


Munich # 3. Another Exhibition


Far from the large exhibition halls and the crowds, another show is discretely taking place in the comfortable Marriott Hotel: an exhibition of deluxe hifi products that does well to set a different stage.

photoJadis Electronics: the Magnificent Work of a Craftsman

Here, there is no pushing and shoving, no crush of bodies, but rather audio exhibitions on a more human scale that have very high-end products on display. Among the 40 or so brands, there are a few French representatives: Jadis and Audiomat tube amplifiers, Lavardin electronics, and Lecontoure speakers. I will come back to the nice Lavardin amps being offered.

It is precisely in the Marriott Hotel that I have the most memorable listening experience among the many that have taken place over the last few days – French tube amplifiers (Audiomat) paired up with German omnidirectional speakers (Duevel).

 photoComplete Set of Audiomat Products

Although these speakers are far from being my favorites, I still must admit that this happy union left me with some beautiful impressions. Their signature sound is immediately captivating and simply splendid; the music is delivered without artifice. Its presence is almost troubling, especially since it is hard to identify the music’s source, which generates a unique sound space. It is a system so self-effacing that it makes itself forgettable in the aim of offering the best of music that lives and breathes. It is an unforgettable experience that I repeated twice. Love makes you lose count! I am now very impatient to repeat the encounter using Audiomat tubes paired with French speakers; I have a few ideas…

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