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TRINNOV AMETHYST : A sound engineer at home


Although Trinnov Audio is well recognized by professionals, particularly by sound engineers, it has only more recently established its reputation in the world of high fidelity. Trinnov Audio has made integrated acoustic correction one of its specialties. After having marketed professional-grade software and hardware solutions for years, Trinnov has started offering, over the last couple of months, a new type of device: the Amethyst. It is a preamplifier with an on-board acoustic correction solution integrated into it. This solution is no more and no less than an integrated computer system that includes a hard drive that records compiled data and data on acoustic corrections so as to store them in its memory.


Trinnov’s 3D Measurement Microphone

The correction system takes different measurements using a 3D microphone that is placed in different spots in the room where the sound will be broadcast so as to characterize the acoustic environment of the space. To do so, it collects precise data on variables such as reflective elements, reverberation time, the distances between the speakers and the listener, and the spacing between the speakers. These data will be immediately compiled, and the device will be able to suggest an acoustic correction whose suitability the listener can immediately test. If the correction is inadequate, there is the possibility of the listener modifying one or several parameters in order to improve and correct the proposed correction to his or her liking. The “exchanges” with the machine to achieve an “à la carte” correction are a way for the user to find an appropriate acoustic formula.


The device is controlled using proprietary software that can be installed on a computer connected to the device or on a tablet remotely connected using wifi. The interface was carefully conceived to be simple and user-friendly. What’s more, the preamplifier is a complete package; it possesses a high-definition converter that has a maximum resolution of 192 kHz under 24 bits and an integrated streamer. The device also offers up to 4 channels capable of mono, dual, or even 3.1 stereo output; the machine is blessed with a particularly rich range of digital audio connectors. This multifunctional device surprises all the more because its appearance is very basic. The machine is particularly well built, the finishing touches are irreproachable. We observe in it the rigor of a professional design.

Jacques Di Giovanni, the director of marketing at Trinnov, wants to emphasize that the device is entirely made in France (in the Paris region) because “it is the only way to guarantee that we can completely control the quality of the product.” He adds, “the Made in France label really adds value to our products on the European market. At the present, a significant proportion of our clients come from Germany and Switzerland.” To acquire the device, it is necessary to pay out 9,000 €; it is large sum of money, certainly, but you are also purchasing, without a doubt, the guarantee that you will benefit from an optimal, even tailor-made, acoustic environment. The Amethyst has another merit: that of reminding us that the acoustic realities and constraints of a space constitute elements that are fully a part of the sequence of sound reproduction. Very few vendors will remind clients of this fact, since the reminder has little commercial value. In this sense, Trinnov Audio is contributing the first serious response, and one of the most effective solutions, to this question posed by the high fidelity world.

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