The State of Sound




Welcome to The State of Sound, the English version of the French blog La république du son, a blog that is dedicated to the topic of French hifi.

The blog’s content has been clearly organized into the following new sections:

Interviews: discussions with important figures in the French high-fidelity world

Reports: coverage of French manufacturing sites

Coup de cœur: my list of favorite albums

Tutorials: an explanation of hifi fundamentals that will help you better understand how to put together your own system and that includes
animated presentations

Systems: a unique and innovative way to test systems that are 100% made in France

Did you say “systems”?

Choosing your individual components can be difficult enough. However, the real challenge is putting together a sound system that works as a cohesive unit. You should avoid conducting listening tests in auditoriums; their conditions sharply contrast with those of the average living room. I equally caution against conducting listening tests in showrooms, where the impressive stockpiles of equipment can get in the way of an accurate and trustworthy listening experience. During listening tests, the sound produced by components is often distorted by the imbalanced pairing of equipment; for instance, small sets of speakers that costs less than 1000 € may coupled with amplifiers that cost 5 times as much. I won’t even mention high-end cables being used to connect starter model components. In the weeks and months that follow, I will be undertaking the task of assembling sound systems built with French-made components; there will be systems for budgets of all sizes. The goal is to provide you with the results of listening tests conducted under the most realistic and authentic conditions possible; this undertaking will no doubt result in some nice surprises. I also want to state loud and clear that this blog is not funded by advertisers or sponsors.

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