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The French Connection


A few months ago, Omerin started selling its Odiosis line of speaker cables. The company is a leader in the French cable industry and has 650 employees spread across three production sites. Two of these sites are located in the cities of Andrézieux and Saint Etienne (near Lyon) and the third is found in Ambert (between Lyon and Clermont-Ferrand). Omerin prides itself on its high degree of expertise and is interested in, above all, preserving signal quality. Its speaker cables are manufactured using deoxygenated copper (99%), which makes them much less vulnerable to oxidation and improves sound conductivity.


Over the last few days, I have been using a pair of ODIOSIS HF PRO BM cables with one of my sound systems (more specifically to hook up my wonderful Offrande speakers made by Jean-Marie Reynaud, speakers that I could listen to all day). I have been rather amazed by their performance; these cables perform just as well as cables that cost much, much more. I was immediately seduced by the highly homogenous sound that was produced, which was reflective of a high degree of accuracy; the use of the cables yielded a well-balanced sound image.  For the price of 15 € per meter, it is impossible to find a better bargain on the market. Quite frankly, I am very impressed. The cable is faithful to its purpose and yields a high degree of fidelity throughout the dynamic range. It should be a good match for many systems, even the most demanding.


Odiosis cables take a simple approach that no one else had thought of that answers the recurrent question: “Why do we try to hide speaker cables?” The answer is straightforward: because they are ugly. However, Odiosis cables have decorative designer sheaths that come in all flavors.

To understand the reasoning behind this unique undertaking, I spoke with Henry Huynh, Product Manager for the Odiosis line at Omerin.

What positive benefits does your experience in the industrial cable industry bring to your line of HIFI cables?

“For over 50 years, Omerin has been an expert in the field of electrical cable production, from the simplest to the most complex cables. The honed expertise of our teams allows us to produce high-quality cables that can withstand extreme conditions (e.g., temperatures ranging from -190°C to +1400°C) and that can be used in a variety of industries, including the heavy industry, the rail industry, the nuclear power industry, and aeronautics. We understand the properties of the materials that we use perfectly, which allows us to constantly come up with new innovations and meet the standards of our most demanding clients. We have been producing cables for audiovisual systems for some time (e.g., speaker cables, audio cables, micro cables, and coaxial cables). Our Odiosis line of HIFI cables is therefore a natural and logical step in the evolution of our range of products. Indeed, our R&D teams worked in close collaboration with audiophiles and acoustic labs to create the Odiosis line. These HP cables are manufactured following very precise standards, and the result is a high-quality, high-performing product.”

slide-4 How do you manage to offer these cables at such attractive prices?

“Certainly, our prices are attractive when you compare them to those of many other brands on the market; however, they also reflect reality. Our goal is to give our products the most consistent image possible. Our R&D teams have managed to find an optimal trade-off between the materials being used and the result obtained. Over time, as a French cable manufacturing company, we have attained an industrial capacity that allows us to engage in high-volume manufacturing and, as a result, we can get good deals when it comes to buying raw materials. Furthermore, the supply chain is short because we are the only intermediary between those who provide the raw materials and the consumer. We process and manufacture all our cables at our production sites in France. As a result, it seems obvious to us that we should offer products to our clients at price that is reflective of this.”

HF PRO BM ODIOSIS - Roll'n Pack - 20400025075 - Bd

What is your reason and strategy for getting into the small HIFI market?

“Our business philosophy is to promote French quality and savoir-faire. Our Odiosis line is proof that such goals are not incompatible with affordable prices. We wanted to make a product that would be accessible to the greatest possible number of people who would appreciate it, the audiophiles. We did not want our Odiosis cables to be exclusively available to the elite. Our strategy is to work with other companies that have had a strong presence in the HIFI world for years. However, above all, we want to reach out directly to HIFI retailers in order to convince them that, as a French industrial manufacturer, we are in the position of being able to offer products that are much more competitive than those being offered by rival companies abroad.”

Out of a sense of discretion, my conversation partner refrained from commenting on the prices and approaches of certain cable manufacturers. However, he did confirm that, for several years, his company has been supplying many well-known brands with cables. Of course, their names are completely confidential. As far as that is concerned, doing some blind sound tests should suffice to easily unmask certain cable brands, and we could thus avoid those companies who seem more intent on swindling people than on doing real business.

Nonetheless, there are two small sources of disappointment: 1) at present, only a few retailers carry Odiosis cables and 2) the company does not offer sets of cables with pre-mounted banana plugs. You have to do it yourself!


At the moment, too many manufacturers are trying to convince us that wireless speaker connections are becoming the norm and that they will work just as well as using good-quality cables. Odiosis cables are an honest product of high quality that is available at an unbeatable price. Their aesthetics may find that happy medium between cable visibility and a tasteful and understated interior décor. Given Omerin’s history and stature, we can rest assured that the product we are buying is 100% created and manufactured in France. This is the cherry on top of the numerous arguments for buying these cables that would knock a number of Omerin’s competitors out of the running.

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  1. Charles Dil

    The best sounding stereo I have ever heard…..big electrostatics and a huge sub were wired with Romex. The owner is a EE.

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