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Micromega MyAmp : The Little Amp That Could


Micromega has an excellent reason for coming to Munich this year: the exclusive debut of the last member of the My family, the MyAmp, which is probably one of the smallest amplifiers on the market.

Didier Hamdi, Micromega’s CEO, nonetheless wants to set the record straight right off the bat. He says, “We didn’t want to build the smallest amp to break some sort of record. This product is small in size but has immense functionality. We have created a real class AB amp for audiophiles that features numerous jacks, so that you can hook up your computer, your television, your CD/DVD player…It also comes equipped with a DAC and a Bluetooth aptX wireless connection…”

The MyAmp remains faithful to the egalitarian spirit of the My series: rendering quality products accessible to all. The technical specifications were simple enough but rather difficult to carry out: the goal was to build an high-quality amplifier of small size for a very competitive price. The first challenge was the power supply, and Micromega ended up creating a 2x60W machine that doesn’t include a single transformer; its power supply system is so unique that it is being patented. Micromega also came up with an ingenuous idea for the cooling system, which is crucial in an amp. It comprises a tunnel that runs through the machine and that contains a fan in the middle.


Didier Hamdi is unruffled in his response to a few of the brand’s critics, who say that they don’t know where Micromega’s product parts really come from. He comments that the transformers are from Germany, the DACs are from the US, and the plastic cases are made in France. Several years ago, the company invested in a plastic-injection-molding machine that it uses to manufacture all of the My series products.

“I want to clarify that our circuit boards are made by our partner, Eiffage Électronique (located in Boulogne), following our strict technical standards. Eighty percent of the amp’s price is due to the cost of the board. The final assembly of the MyAmp takes place in our factory in Boissy-Saint-Léger (near Paris). We designed this product so that it could be assembled in 10 minutes or less. We apply strict quality-control checks to all the boards upstream, before they are definitively mounted, to make sure that the product is 100% reliable,” comments Hamdi.

hamdiDidier Hamdi with the MyAmp

Given that Micromega is working out of an open stand, it wouldn’t be fair to provide a detailed report of my listening experience. For now, I will simply comment that the sound was lovely, and that the pair of Focal Utopia Scala speakers installed for the occasion illustrated that this amplifier should be able to adapt to many different types of set-ups.

The MyAmp will be available to the public starting in June; its price tag will be 499 €. The price of the speaker cables (MyCables) will be 175 € (for 3 meters) and that of the speakers (MySpeakers) will be 299 € (given this price, it is important to recall that they are made in Taiwan, not France). The USB and optical cables will start at 40 €.

I myself am rather impatient to try out this product under proper conditions, so that I can really judge its abilities. However, I want to nonetheless commend Micromega for its intrepid spirit; the company has once more shaken up traditional HIFI norms. In this world, so many products have remarkably low added value given the amount of money spent on them. Indeed, the small size of the MyAmp is deceiving because it represents a major choice made in the favor of quality. It is a refutation of the numerous and multifarious multimedia products, which sprout like weeds in the aisles of the Munich Show, whose sound quality is no better than that of a portable radio.


Specifications 3 analog inputs – 3 digital inputs : USB 24/96 kHz, Opto and Coax SPDIF 24/192 kHz – Bluetooth APTX® module – Direct analog output – SUB output – Front panel Headphone output socket – RC5 remote control handset with direct access to inputs – 5-12V trigger input and remote control codes copy – Classe AB power amplification stages featuring 2×30 W/8 Ω and 2×60 W/4 Ω – Loudspeaker output binding posts for bananas, spades and lugs – Resonant mode Micromega power supply 85 – 150 Vac or 180 – 265 Vac – 50-60 – Very low full band THD+Noise ≤ 0,01%

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