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Munich “High end” Special edition

Come with me to Munich High end  It is my great pleasure to help you vicariously experience the 2015 Munich High End show, held from May 14-18. It is one of … Continue reading

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Recital Defines : Outstanding Floorstanding Speakers

This week, I want to introduce you to the Alsatian craftsman who produces Recital speakers. They are a unique product that deserve a closer look. Alexandre Chamagne has always had … Continue reading

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Devialet 110 and Atohm GT1 : Music in all its Splendor

If you have been faithfully following the blog over the last several months, you know that I pay painstaking attention to the many factors that can affect a HIFI audition, … Continue reading

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Focal Aria : A Connection Not to Be Missed

Playing dematerialized music on your HIFI system can quickly end in chaos; with the wide variety of streamers, NAS drives, and DACs that are out there, it is easy to … Continue reading

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Makiko Hirabayashi : a Vast Inner Landscape

I recently made one of my favorite kinds of discoveries. I uncovered a currently little-known pianist by the name of Makiko Hirabayashi. She was born in Tokyo, grew up in … Continue reading

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A Musical Comet

The jazz and folk scene produces a large number of young female vocalists each year, too many some might even say. Why complain about such diversity? Well, the problem is … Continue reading

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Paris High End Show : More Sound than Music !

Saturday, November 9, 2013. The Marriott Hotel in Paris, where the High Fidelity Show is being held. As I walk into the large hotel, there is a spring in my … Continue reading

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