The State of Sound


Munich “High end” Special edition

Come with me to Munich High end  It is my great pleasure to help you vicariously experience the 2015 Munich High End show, held from May 14-18. It is one of … Continue reading

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Fondamenta : Reaching for Music’s Amazing Grace

This week, I had the pleasure of meeting Frédéric D’Oria-Nicolas, founder and artistic director of the record label Fondamenta. Fondamenta is located in the southern suburbs of Paris. To reach … Continue reading

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Philippe Teissier du Cros : A Sound Artist

This is my interview with Philippe Teissier du Cros, a sound engineer with thirty years of experience and over a thousand albums under his belt. We discussed his perspective on … Continue reading

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Ortofon : Forever in the Groove

Yesterday I was lucky enough to meet Christen H. Nielsen, the CEO of one of the oldest high-fidelity companies in the world: Ortofon, a Danish manufacturer that makes analog cartridges … Continue reading

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Dyptique Audio : The New Face(s) of Music

Gilles Douziech is a man with an uncommon passion. He studied electroacoustics and worked with Marcel Rochet (the founder of the Mulidine speaker company) before moving on to informally designing … Continue reading

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Qobuz : Streaming à la française

A few weeks ago I set out to meet Yves Riesel and Alexandre Leforestier, the two founders of Qobuz. To reach them, I had to climb to the seventh floor … Continue reading

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Breaking in Your New Speakers

You’ve just bought yourself a beautiful new set of speakers, you hook them up to your amplifier, and then you are seized by doubt because the mid-range and low frequencies … Continue reading

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