The State of Sound


Tour de France

This week, I invite you to take part in the Tour de France of high-fidelity manufacturers. I thought it could be interesting for you to see where they are all … Continue reading

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Teppaz: a Blast from the Past

While I was tidying up my parents’ house last weekend, I came across their “Teppaz”, a much vaunted record player that came with a small amp and a single speaker … Continue reading

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Micromega : Building the Future

In this industrial park located in greater Paris, I am unable spot Micromega, a French HIFI company, from the street. I have to walk through the doors of SICOM, a … Continue reading

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Davis Acoustics : a Sound Legacy

I had been expecting to find myself in the business district of Troyes, France, but Davis Acoustics is practically located in the town’s center. The company’s unassuming building can be … Continue reading

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La Rosita: There is Music in the Air

I want to share with you my interesting interview with Dan Bellity, who is the CEO of DB System and the designer of the incredible machines produced by La Rosita. … Continue reading

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Blu-ray Pure Audio : a Swan Song

Just when you thought that the evolution of high-quality dematerialized music was putting physical music media on the path to extinction, recording giant Universal Music launches a new format. Blu-ray … Continue reading

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Analog Fidelity

The trend is confirmed: vinyl is making its comeback. Sales of vinyl records are believed to have gone up by almost 25% in 2012, but what could this trend hide? … Continue reading

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