The State of Sound


Tube Amplifiers : Still Resisting the Test of Time

Tube-based amplification is a topic that inspires passion and enthusiasm or that leads to division and aggravation. I want to throw out a few thoughts on the subject with the … Continue reading

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Breaking in Your New Speakers

You’ve just bought yourself a beautiful new set of speakers, you hook them up to your amplifier, and then you are seized by doubt because the mid-range and low frequencies … Continue reading

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Hifi Quality Sound on the Go !

“Stream on” my faithful followers! For those of you in the flock who feel like you have arrived in the middle of the story, I want you to know that … Continue reading

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Qobuz : the Missing Link

Qobuz is an online on-demand music service that offers a catalog of over 12 million CD-quality music tracks. Each week, 8,000 more albums are added. Qobuz is a French company whose … Continue reading

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