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Tribute to Gerard Chretien, a figure of french HIFI.

Tribute to Gerard Chretien, he has passed away last october 1rst. Gérard Chrétien was both enthusiastic and receptive. He was the former CEO of Focal, and he have met him … Continue reading

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Please check the new blog in french

Dear readers, The english version of the blog is not anymore updated, please check the french version. The facebook page has been also merged with the french one. Please check … Continue reading

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Munich “High end” Special edition

Come with me to Munich High end  It is my great pleasure to help you vicariously experience the 2015 Munich High End show, held from May 14-18. It is one of … Continue reading

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What is the WAF ?

No, WAF is not a new bit of internet slang. It stands for “Wife Acceptance Factor” and refers to the fact that the opinion of one’s wife or partner should … Continue reading

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Best Wishes for 2015

  I look forward to seeing you all again on January 9th.  

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The State of Sound is back from vacation !

  The State of Sound has adopted a new look to entice even more readers. Over the summer, many of you discovered and started following the blog. As for me, … Continue reading

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Philippe Teissier du Cros : A Sound Artist

This is my interview with Philippe Teissier du Cros, a sound engineer with thirty years of experience and over a thousand albums under his belt. We discussed his perspective on … Continue reading

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