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Made in France Directory


Please check the new french manufacturers directory with the last update here (in french)

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Le comptoir du Son

Please note: Manufacturers who exclusively produce loudspeakers or who have gone out of business (even if they are still present online) are not included on the list. I made the choice to also include manufacturers who directly market their products without using resellers or distributors.

At the bottom of the page, I have listed the French companies that have chosen to produce all or most of their products in China.

The brands in blue are those that were recently added to this list

Amps & sources:

Speakers :

Cables :

HIFI accessories :


  • Advance acoustic manufactured in Asia
  • BC Acoustique hifi manufactured in China
  • Cabasse speakers manufacturer acquired by Canon in 2006, and then by the start up Awox in 2014 . Most of products are made in China
  • Elipson speakers manufacturer made in China
  • Triangle speakers manufacturer in Asia
  • YBA : hifi manufacturer, some components are Made in France but the product assembly is done in China 


8 comments on “Made in France Directory

  1. ilija

    Where is Audio Aero? I can’t find any info or web. Thank you!

    • Aublanc

      Thanks for your message, please check again and audio areo is listed into the first Amps & sources list. unfortunately, I have no official website for this company.

      • dominique mafrand

        Hi guys, Audio Aero has ceased its activities since a couple of years or so. But something else is coming… Stay tuned 🙂

  2. Bruno Parfait

    YBA ?

    • Aublanc

      I have just updated the list with YBA (down the page in red) bests

  3. Very interesting article, it provides new knowledge for me is being studied
    and thanks, I found it :))

  4. Claire
    • Aublanc

      Les pages francaises et anglaises du repertoire viennent d’être mise à jour et vous y en etes ! merci pour votre patience !

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