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Behind the naim

Naim audio merged with  Focal in 2011. However, you still have to travel west for an hour by train from London to reach Naim’s factory, where all its production takes place. I … Continue reading

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A Legendary Label

The Blue Note record label is celebrating its 75th anniversary this year and has organized the Blue Note Jazz Festival—a series of concerts in Paris—to commemorate its relatively long history: … Continue reading

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Accuphase : Combining Tradition & Innovation 

During my visit to Japan, I had the pleasure of visiting the Accuphase factory. Accuphase is a prestigious brand, a true legend in the world of high-end Japanese electronics. The … Continue reading

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Japan, Act II : CDs continue to hold their own in Japan

CDs have become rather scarce on retail shelves in Europe and elsewhere in the world, the same is not true in Japan, where sales of physical media (i.e., CDs, DVDs, … Continue reading

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Special Edition Japan : Act I

Tokyo’s Akihabara District is also known as “Electric Town.” As you exit the subway, you are immediately surrounded by massive buildings that remind you that Tokyo is also a Mecca … Continue reading

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Atoll ’s New Masterpiece : An “All-in-One” Amplifier

This week, I want to share a review of Atoll’s new and highly gifted integrated amplifier (the SDA100); this review is based on my personal experiences and an audition. I … Continue reading

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Fondamenta : Reaching for Music’s Amazing Grace

This week, I had the pleasure of meeting Frédéric D’Oria-Nicolas, founder and artistic director of the record label Fondamenta. Fondamenta is located in the southern suburbs of Paris. To reach … Continue reading

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