The State of Sound


Yes, we can !

Yes, it is possible to put together your first high-fidelity sound system for around 1,000 euros! As promised, here is a basic sound system for those on a limited budget … Continue reading

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Paris High End Show : More Sound than Music !

Saturday, November 9, 2013. The Marriott Hotel in Paris, where the High Fidelity Show is being held. As I walk into the large hotel, there is a spring in my … Continue reading

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The French Connection

A few months ago, Omerin started selling its Odiosis line of speaker cables. The company is a leader in the French cable industry and has 650 employees spread across three … Continue reading

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Micromega : Building the Future

In this industrial park located in greater Paris, I am unable spot Micromega, a French HIFI company, from the street. I have to walk through the doors of SICOM, a … Continue reading

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The weakest link

They are keeping things from us – that could be a good summary of this blog post. Indeed, when you start looking into HIFI systems, you will hear a lot … Continue reading

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Davis Acoustics : a Sound Legacy

I had been expecting to find myself in the business district of Troyes, France, but Davis Acoustics is practically located in the town’s center. The company’s unassuming building can be … Continue reading

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La Rosita: There is Music in the Air

I want to share with you my interesting interview with Dan Bellity, who is the CEO of DB System and the designer of the incredible machines produced by La Rosita. … Continue reading

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