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Paris High End Show : More Sound than Music !

Saturday, November 9, 2013. The Marriott Hotel in Paris, where the High Fidelity Show is being held. As I walk into the large hotel, there is a spring in my … Continue reading

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Focal Aria 900 : Environmentally Conscious Innovation!

Environmentally friendly speakers? That qualifier is a bit hard to justify given the number of non-recyclable components contained in a speaker. However, Focal’s new Aria 900 speaker series shows that … Continue reading

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Welcome to The State of Sound, the English version of the French blog La république du son, a blog that is dedicated to the topic of French hifi. The blog’s … Continue reading

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Musical Cabinetry

Paris, Boulevard Saint Michel. An unmarked door, then a small courtyard and a second doorway with the inscription “The Tom Thumb Foundation”. This foundation is specifically dedicated to helping students … Continue reading

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Atoll #2 – “Made in France”

Over the course of our conversation, Stéphane and Emmanuel Dubreuil emphasize that the business philosophy at Atoll Electronics is centered around the strong desire to make products in France that … Continue reading

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Monteverdi: an unexpected marriage

I recently discovered a delectable album recorded by Michel Godard in 2011: “Monteverdi, a touch of grace”. This album will, without a doubt, beautifully accompany many an idle summer moment. … Continue reading

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Atoll #1 – A place and its people

The first episode of a short summer series dedicated to Atoll Electronics. A brand, but also a place, a company, and a team that I recently sought to uncover.   … Continue reading

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