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What is the WAF ?

No, WAF is not a new bit of internet slang. It stands for “Wife Acceptance Factor” and refers to the fact that the opinion of one’s wife or partner should … Continue reading

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Devialet Phantom : The Future Takes Shape

This week, I set out to discover a device with a unique look (to say the least): it resembles a sort of flattened egg. An elegant design that is unlike … Continue reading

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A Voyage into the Heart of French Technological Excellence 

It is impossible to be interested in French HIFI without wanting to find out more about one of its flagship products. Therefore, I want to take you on a journey … Continue reading

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Philippe Teissier du Cros : A Sound Artist

This is my interview with Philippe Teissier du Cros, a sound engineer with thirty years of experience and over a thousand albums under his belt. We discussed his perspective on … Continue reading

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Devialet 110 and Atohm GT1 : Music in all its Splendor

If you have been faithfully following the blog over the last several months, you know that I pay painstaking attention to the many factors that can affect a HIFI audition, … Continue reading

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Tour de France

This week, I invite you to take part in the Tour de France of high-fidelity manufacturers. I thought it could be interesting for you to see where they are all … Continue reading

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Focal Aria 900 : Environmentally Conscious Innovation!

Environmentally friendly speakers? That qualifier is a bit hard to justify given the number of non-recyclable components contained in a speaker. However, Focal’s new Aria 900 speaker series shows that … Continue reading

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