The State of Sound


A Legendary Label

The Blue Note record label is celebrating its 75th anniversary this year and has organized the Blue Note Jazz Festival—a series of concerts in Paris—to commemorate its relatively long history: … Continue reading

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Jazz Collection

“I am Jazz…it’s my life”: a sentiment beautifully expressed by Archie Shepp (this quote of his is also the name of a lovely film made by Franck Cassenti about the … Continue reading

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A Musical Comet

The jazz and folk scene produces a large number of young female vocalists each year, too many some might even say. Why complain about such diversity? Well, the problem is … Continue reading

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Reveling in Paul Auster’s Darkness

“Coincidences” is a singular album with unique qualities that you will love at first sound. It will take you on an auditory adventure that is out of the ordinary. Pianist … Continue reading

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Monteverdi: an unexpected marriage

I recently discovered a delectable album recorded by Michel Godard in 2011: “Monteverdi, a touch of grace”. This album will, without a doubt, beautifully accompany many an idle summer moment. … Continue reading

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