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MyAmp : More than Meets the Eye

I discovered the little Micromega MyAmp during the last HIFI show in Munich, and I have been rather impatient to try it out at home. Just a reminder: I have not … Continue reading

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Micromega MyAmp : The Little Amp That Could

Micromega has an excellent reason for coming to Munich this year: the exclusive debut of the last member of the My family, the MyAmp, which is probably one of the … Continue reading

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Munich : Act 1

Upon arriving at the Munich Show, you have to fight the feeling of being a kid in a toy shop. Indeed, imagine a group of children in an immense toy … Continue reading

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Focal Aria : A Connection Not to Be Missed

Playing dematerialized music on your HIFI system can quickly end in chaos; with the wide variety of streamers, NAS drives, and DACs that are out there, it is easy to … Continue reading

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Tour de France

This week, I invite you to take part in the Tour de France of high-fidelity manufacturers. I thought it could be interesting for you to see where they are all … Continue reading

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Micromega : Building the Future

In this industrial park located in greater Paris, I am unable spot Micromega, a French HIFI company, from the street. I have to walk through the doors of SICOM, a … Continue reading

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Focal Aria 900 : Environmentally Conscious Innovation!

Environmentally friendly speakers? That qualifier is a bit hard to justify given the number of non-recyclable components contained in a speaker. However, Focal’s new Aria 900 speaker series shows that … Continue reading

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